Welcome to Mint Insights

Helping companies build products and experiences that delight customers

Mint Insights was founded by Nirave Gondhia to focus on consumer technology and the way it impacts the end user, including smartphones, health & fitness, computing and the digital home.

We help technology companies, networks, retailers and stakeholders achieve persistently higher sales by understanding consumer shopping patterns, providing market feedback and improving product launches.

Prior to founding Mint Insights, Nirave was the interim CEO and Chief Content Officer at Busy Pixel Media (BPM). Over a span of 19 months starting in March 2020, he was instrumental in reversing a decline in the business, hiring 30+ staff during the pandemic and trebling revenue. As a result, the business was acquired by Valnet at a valuation that had increased 75% from when Nirave joined the leadership team. 

During his time with BPM, Nirave also launched the Pro1-X, the first XDA-branded smartphone, and the first smartphone to be preloaded with LineageOS for its privacy benefits. BPM also acquired several other publishers and at the point of sale, Nirave had overseen the growth from two publishing outlets to a total of seven.

Before BPM, Nirave also worked with Mobile Nations and Android Authority (where he conceived and launched Android Authority’s in-house smartphone testing solution), as well as developing and launching the first annual Future Tech Awards for Future Plc. In the past, Nirave has interviewed executives from some of the biggest tech companies in the world including Samsung, Honor, OnePlus, OPPO, LG, Nokia and Huawei. 

His career has spanned three continents including roles with UK carriers and retailers, Business Development in the Middle East and an eCommerce leadership role with a homewares retailer. Across his career, Nirave has helped companies achieve outsized returns across a range of different industries, and solve complex problems through viewing challenges at a macro-level and distilling the solutions down to a micro level.

Nirave has been a featured speaker for Fox Business, Cheddar and the BBC, while also featuring on other shows and corporate events. He has worked with a range of budgets to help companies and has extensive experience working with helping companies based in Asia to break into the lucrative Western markets.